We want to digitally capture all of mathematics.  Over a billion people on a given day author and consume mathematical and scientific content.  However, only a fraction of the content is digitally captured.  This makes sharing and building upon this information in an organized and scalable way impossible.  We create technologies that make digitizing mathematical content simple for everyone in order to change how the world captures and exchanges technical knowledge.


The basic tools needed to communicate and capture math + science are archaic.  This is why math + science are the only disciplines where majority of us use pencil and paper to do our work.  Since this content is not digitized, it makes sharing difficult and searching impossible.
By creating technologies that digitize math + science, we provide the infrastructure needed to allow everyone in world to quickly and efficiently share ideas and help build upon one another’s work.  This is fundamental to the progress of knowledge.



Cofounder + CEO

Corey is an engineer + artist.  His first startup, ArtistDriven, aimed to disrupt the music industry in 2005.  He now wants to change how knowledge is captured and transferred.  Corey is passionate about mathematics and believes that everyone can (and should) be good at mathematical thinking.  For fun he likes to study math and play the guitar. 


Cofounder + CTO

Timon is a full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in building scalable platforms. If he isn't downing coffee while coding, you can find him working on his jump shot on the courts.


Cofounder + Mathematician + Code Artist

Allen received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC Irvine in 2009.  He is also an accomplished musician and bass player.  He likes to combine his technical prowess with his creative side to solve difficult problems.  He's also a ruthless poker player.


Cofounder + Code Artist

Jordan is a full-stack web developer and coder.  He love spending time with his family and living life to the fullest.


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